Chris Dillman - Top Midwest Region Sommelier

Sommelier Selections

The Refectory is proud of it's wine cellar, offering hundreds of different wine labels across all different price points. Whether you are looking for a casual everyday dinner wine, or that special weekend celebration wine, the Refectory has the wine you are looking for.
Don't know what you are looking for or need some recommendations?
The Refectory Wine Shop has you covered there as well. Come in and talk to our Sommelier Chris Dillman. Chris is one of the top Sommeliers in the country, twice winning Top Sommelier Honors for the Mid-West Region in his journey preparing for the Master Sommelier Exam. Locally, he is simply without peer in his knowledge, palate, ability to educate others, and relentless drive to further his skills.

The Refectory and Sommelier Chris Dillman have put together a comprehensive wine buying guide that includes over 50 different wines, broken into categories for your Holiday Season. The guide hits multiple different price points and includes brief notes about each wine. Find the perfect wine for 'Holiday Entertaining', or a 'Classic Cabernet'. There are even a few 'Celebratory Bubbles.'

Let Us Know Your Wine Selections

Do you know which wines you would like to try from our Wine Buying Guide? We like to provide a personal touch and service here at the Refectory and some of the wines within the Guide have limited availability. For those reasons we prefer to review your selections and have our Sommelier contact you once we have ensured availability or prepared any suggested alternatives in the unlikely case your selection is not available.

Please fill out the 'Wine Inquiry Form' by entering the quantity desired next to your selections and our Sommelier will review and be in touch with you shortly.